It's Okay to Make Money

In the west there is a prevalent belief that being successful and making money is somehow wrong for people who are trying to lead a life focused on serving others and developing spiritually. However, ancient Tibetan wisdom reassures us that there is nothing wrong with money itself. In fact, people with money can do tremendous good in the world and many spiritual traditions encourage the donating of money or means to worthwhile projects that benefit people. The questions really are: ‘How do we make the money?’ ‘Do we understand where the wealth comes from, and how we can continue to make it manifest?’ and finally, ‘Can we keep a healthy attitude about the wealth we gain?’ We should try to make our money in a clean and honest way.
— Melanie & Robert Sachs "Ayurvedic Spa"

February 23, 2016

I've discussed this issue with other yoga teachers and people who are in the healing industry. It can seem wrong to make money in your pursuits. But there is nothing wrong with making your living from teaching yoga or performing a healing art. We all have bills to pay. It certainly isn't easy to make a living in this industry. There is quite a bit of competition and there will always be others who will undercut your rates. However, in order for yoga studios to stay in business they need to make a profit. In order for yoga teachers to continue teaching and working on the yogic path, they need to make enough to live on so that they can provide for their family. There is nothing wrong with making a living and money from yoga. It is as Melaine says in her book "how do we make the money?" There isn't a yoga teacher out there who decided to go through YTT because they were hoping to make a bunch of money. They did it for the love of yoga and wanting to share that with others. Teaching yoga for many is a supplement to their other income or job. Wouldn't it be nice if this weren't the case? We need more yogic and spiritually minded people in business, showing the world that you can conduct business in an ethical and moral way.