Ayurveda & Dreams


November 30, 2015

Nothing feels better than snuggling in a warm, comfy, knit sweater. I've been thinking a lot about dreams lately. At the ashram, I learned in my Ayurvedic Body Treatments course that dreams are a Mala. Malas are waste products of the body like sweat, urine, feces and even tears. Ayurveda views dreams as our subconscious processing the impressions and thoughts of our day. Many times we have an incomplete processing of our thoughts. Our subconscious needs to work through these thoughts during our dream sleep. The imagery and mood of our dream relate to the 3 dosha. 

  • Kapha Dreams: water, money, snow, romance, love

  • Pitta Dreams: studying, eating, violence, being late or tardy, failing, being naked in public

  • Vata Dreams: falling, being chased, flying, sex, death, snakes

While at the ashram, I was having very vivid dreams. Dreams so clear. There were even nights where is got up in the night to pee and when I fell back asleep, I was at the same point in my dream I left off at before I woke to use the bathroom. Most of my dreams were Vata in nature while I was there as well.

In the waking state we gather impressions through the outer mind (Manas) and senses. In the dream state we digest impressions through our inner intelligence (Buddhi) and these are reflected through our subtle senses in the form of various dreams. In deep sleep, the residue of our digested impressions, reduced to seed form, becomes part of our deeper consciousness (Chitta). Our dreams show the process of mental digestion. Good dreams reflect good mental digestion. Bad dreams show poor mental digestion.
— David Frawley in "Ayurveda & the Mind"

I am trying not to look at things as "good" and "bad" but I think that I wasn't digesting all the information and changes I was feeling and experiencing at the ashram. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping at the ashram. Some of it was the uncomfortable bed but I also think I wasn't able to process and digest all the impressions I was taking in each day. Maybe my dreams were so vivid because I wasn't fully processing the impressions of the day.