Relax, Rejuvenate, Repose. 

Let us calm and nourish your body, mind and spirit with our specially formulated Ayurvedic Spa Treatments. Each treatment includes carefully chosen oils to address your unique doshic constitution and doshic imbalances. These oils provide a protective coating between you and the stresses of everyday life. Oil is very revered in Ayurveda. In fact the Sanskrit the word for "oil" sneha, is also the same word for "love."  When you receive Ayurvedic Body Treatments like Abhyanga you are receiving a treatment of love. 

The Five Prana Ayurvedic Treatment experience stimulates each of your five senses with teas, oils, aromas, music and lighting all chosen based on your unique constitution.

  • Smell: with carefully chosen essential oils

  • Taste: dosha-appropriate teas

  • Sight: lighting and colors to soothe your dosha

  • Sound: dosha-appropriate music and healing mantras

  • Touch: individually-formulated healing oils as well as dosha-appropriate pressure and strokes

Enjoy a cup of organic Ayurvedic herbal tea in the sunlit lounge of our beautiful studio space. Our administration room features copper Shirodhara equipment for an authentic Ayurvedic experience. Your session includes Ayurvedic aromatherapy using the highest quality, organic and wildcrafted essential oils. These oils are blended especially for you to create the most nurturing environment possible to calm your body, mind and spirit.

It is our mission to provide you with an individualized experience. From the lighting to the music, each part of our Ayurvedic treatments have been specially designed to soothe and calm your unique doshic constitution and specific doshic imbalances. Your Ayurvedic wellness path starts here. Schedule an appointment today. 


Ayurvedic Spa Treatments

All Ayurvedic Spa Treatment appointments begin with a mini-consultation* with Marissa Mele, the Five Prana Ayurvedic Health Counselor to discuss your health, your dosha and any areas in your body in need of extra care. A specially formulated oil is then created to address your unique doshic constitution and doshic imbalances. Your personalized Abhyanga and Shirodhara oil is made using the finest organic ingredients and includes our handmade oil infusions that are created using the healing power of the sun and mother nature. These oils are permeated with the medicinal properties of plants, roots, and herbs and are chosen for you based on the 6000 year old knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda.

* This may be done prior to your appointment and will be conducted over the phone if further clarification is necessary after completing the new client paperwork. Prior to the call, you will need to complete and submit the new client paperwork.  


$120 for a 75 minute session

$100 for a 45 minute session

Bliss Therapy
(Abhyanga + Shirodhara)
$175 for a 90 minute session

Ayurvedic Body Treatments**
$85 for a 30 minute session

  • Basti Treatments
    Hrid Basti (Heart)
    Nabhi Basti (Belly)
    Katu Basti (Lower Back)
    Janu Basti (Knee)
    Kundalini Basti ($100) (Spine)

  • Udvartana ($100) (herbal dry rub)

  • Swedana (steam therapy)

Full Body Ayurvedic Treatments**
$200 for 90 minutes

  • Lepana (herbal mud)

  • Pindi Swedana (nourishing herbal steam boluses)

**These treatments are generally recommended for you by Marissa Mele, our Ayurvedic Health Counselor, but can be requested as add-on services. For more information about these treatments, contact us.



I felt well cared for.

“Marissa was thorough in explaining the process and answering any questions I had. She had recommendations and treatments specific to my needs. The atmosphere was lovely and the experience was relaxing. I felt well cared for -- my skin felt wonderful and I was calm and centered as I left.”

— M. B.

I left feeling so relaxed, calm, and clear-headed.

“Marissa did a wonderful job putting me at east and helping me relax. She did a great job explaining Abhyanga to me as well as going over the results of my Prakruti and Vikruti forms. The custom mixed oils were soothing and calming. The entire experience was incredibly relaxing and put my mind to rest. I left feeling so relaxed, calm, and clear-headed.”

— D. P.

My skin and hair had a lasting rejuvenation effect.

“I've never had an Abhyanga or Ayurvedic treatment before, and wasn't sure what to expect. Marissa walked me through each step, was great about explaining what I would experience, had a very relaxing and soothing environment. After the treatment I felt balanced; my skin and hair had a lasting rejuvenation effect; and I am excited about continuing Abhyanga treatments in the future!”

— H. L.

Ayam me hasto Bhagavan
Ayam me bhagavattarah
Ayam me visvacheshajah
Ayam shivabhimarshanah

My hand is the Lord.
Boundlessly blissful is my hand.
This hand holds all healing secrets.
Which make whole with its gentle touch.
— Rig Veda


Care for your mind, body and spirit.

Schedule an appointment today to start feeling a sense of balance.