Ayurvedic Body Oil - Normal/Oily Skin - KAPHA

Five Prana Ayurveda Kapha Body Oil
Five Prana Ayurveda Kapha Body Oil

Ayurvedic Body Oil - Normal/Oily Skin - KAPHA


The Five Prana Ayurveda Body Oil for Kapha skin - normal skin and oily skin. Use this body oil in lieu of a lotion or moisturizer that contains mostly water and oftentimes synthetics and chemicals. These Ayurvedic body oils are made using the highest quality oils and essential oils and organic products whenever possible. These body oils also contain handmade organic herbal oil infusions that are created using the healing power of the sun and mother nature. These oils are permeated with the medicinal properties of plants, roots, and herbs and are chosen for you based on the 6000 year old knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda.

Directions: warm oil by placing the bottle in a cup of warm/hot water and then rub onto body, torso and limbs

4 oz. bottle

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sunflower oil*

refined sesame oil*

almond oil

neem oil*

vitamin E

juniper berry essential oil*

eucalyptus essential oil*

frankincense essential oil*

opoponax (myrrh) essential oil*

tulsi (holy basil) essential oil*

*organic ingredient