Tea & Patience


Homemade Tea Blend
2 parts fresh ginger
2 parts fresh turmeric
2 parts dried nettle leaves
2 whole cardamom pods (I broke them open and used the seeds inside)
1/2 part dried thyme
1/2 part lavender

I blended the above tea. Then I steeped it and served in my teapot. I love the little handleless cups that come with the teapot. They’ve taught me about patience and mindfulness. I used to pour the hot tea into the glass and try to immediately drink it. The cup would heat up so quickly it would burn my fingers through the ceramic. It took me some time to realize I needed to wait and have patience before I could consume my tea. When the cup wasn’t too hot to hold, the tea inside was the perfect temperature. All too often I was rushing to enjoy my tea. Pouring it and trying to consume it right after. I needed to wait. I needed to have patience. I needed to practice mindfulness. The tea will be ready when it’s ready. I can’t rush the process. I can’t hurry it along. If I try, I get burned.

The simple act of enjoying tea from this pot and cup has taught me to extend that patience and mindfulness into other aspects of my life. Everything will be ready in due time. I might want it now, but I have to wait. And that’s okay. I need to wait. It’s easy to want everything now. But so often, now isn’t possible. So am I going to get upset and demand something now, when now will surely burn me literally or figuratively? I’ve learned to slowdown in recent years. Ayurveda has taught me to connect with my body/mind on a deep level. It has taught me to take time, have patience and to give myself rest. The signals are there, I just need to listen. All too often the noise of life can drown it out. And when I really listen, I can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.