Overcoming Fear and Coming Out the Other Side


October 5, 2015

I am performing the Maha Sacral Mudra. Gertrude Hirschi's book "Yoga in your Hands" has a lovely visualization and affirmation with the description of this mudra:

We frequently have to pass through tunnels in life—we have to go through something. Every tunnel ultimately takes us to the light, but we need the courage and strength to go through it to the end. Affirmation: No matter how dark my path may be at times, it leads to light.

This visualization reminds me of an actual time I walked through a tunnel.
I was living in Wellington, New Zealand after college, and my new roommate and his friend took me and my friend on a crazy adventure to the highest point in Wellington where we could see the stars. However, I had no clue where we were going. There came a point on our trek where we came to this big tunnel that buses or trollies would come down. It was very narrow, just wide enough for a vehicle. As we approached the entrance, I was like, "no f-ing way am I going in there! A bus could come and run us over!" After many minutes of prodding and assuring us by swearing on whatever they found holy, there were no buses running at this time of night. I acquiesced and as I began to walk in the tunnel huge waves of fear washed over me. Eventually there came a point where we were in total blackness. You couldn't see any light at either end of the tunnel. I furiously thrashed around to find someone's hand and I grabbed on and didn't let go until we were safely on the other side. There we moments of crushing fright, as I walked through this tunnel. There came a point where you couldn't turn back anymore, you had gone too far. When it felt like the agony would never end, I finally saw a tiny dot of light. With each step it got brighter until eventually you could see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I passed through the opening at the other side, I was elated. I conquered a fear. I'd done it!