Finding Balance in my Yoga Practice


December 26, 2016
Catching up on my reading while on vacation at the beach in Stuart, Florida. While traveling, I love to attend yoga classes and experience different instructors. Recently I've fallen into a rut with my yoga practice. I've reached a plateau and I've felt in desperate need of something to shake me out of the mundaneness of my practice. I've realized I needed to seek out new teachers to enliven me again.

I remember my teacher Joanne Evans would say to me, "there is something you can learn from every teacher." That was especially true today when I went to an incredible yin yoga class at one of my favorite yoga studios Yoga Fish Stuart. The teacher Jaye was incredible. She was so experienced and gave such detailed and insightful descriptions during class. One I loved in particular was how our bodies are like a string on an instrument, if the string is too loose it can't be played and if it is too tight it will snap when struck. In order to play the instrument beautifully we must find a balance between the two sides. Our bodies can play beautiful music when we find that balance.

How wonderfully she described something that applies to so many things in life. Balance is such a central tenet of Ayurveda as well. When I describe Ayurveda to people, the word I always come back to is balance. Ayurveda teaches us to find balance in all that we do. The path to health and overall wellbeing is by finding balance.