Dwan Light Sanctuary

Dwan Light Sanctuary
Las Vegas, New Mexico
June 10, 2018

How can you describe this place? Prisms of light producing rainbows in a colorless space. There’s constant noises here, as if to remind me that the wind is just outside the door, rustling the leaves of the trees and sending fruit crashing below. I keep turning around, thinking someone is entering. But it’s just me and the echo of my breath and my pen to the page. 


How do you describe the feeling of peace here? A sliver of sunlight peeks through the clouds and enters my eye, bathing me in a warm glow of pure light and color spectrum. Then it fades back to white and a coolness sets in the room. I miss the colors, their heat like a fire I inched closer to. I wait for the sunlight again, wishing it into existence. But time passes and no matter how hard I will it, it stays just the same. Cold, white, stark. My mind eventually catches onto some other thought, and just as soon as the wish leaves my mind, that sliver of light reappears. I feel the warmth come over my body again, starting from the tips of my toes and moving up and over my head. The colors glowing more and more vibrant. I stare at them this time, so I don’t miss out. These moments are fleeting. I wish it would never leave, but alas it always does. The permanence of impermanence. For I always appreciate the beauty of the moment. But now I must also appreciate the beauty of the non-moment, for without it there is no distinction. And awareness without distinction is pure consciousness.