How to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude: Power of Perception


Sometimes a new path in life isn’t actually a new direction. It’s a change of perspective, a rewriting of the story your telling. During my morning meditations, I’ve been contemplating the idea of perception. 

My first job out of college, I worked in Human Resources at a big hotel chain in Philadelphia. My mentor, boss and friend, Antoinette used to say, “perception is reality.” It was a mantra we said constantly in the office as a reminder that no matter what the issue the employee was having, “their perception is their reality.”

I remember this quote often and it has become especially poignant recently. No matter what the situation, my perception of it, is my reality. So why not decide to make that perception positive. I know that’s easier said than done and it is not my usual first reaction to something unpleasant or difficult I’m going through. But with space, time, thoughtfulness, reflection and meditation, I’ve found it possible to shift my perspective and thusly my perception.

Nothing in life is a failure or needs to be perceived as such. Because every situation teaches us something. We learn, we evolve and we grow. And all growth requires some level of discomfort. I’m working on actively choosing how I perceive my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, and the situations I’m in. And the thing I’ve found most helpful is meditation.