How to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude: Conquering Fear


February 16, 2018
St. Louis you’re a magical city. I’ve only been here twice but each time I told people I was coming to STL, the first thing they tell me to do is go to the City Museum. Nothing really prepares you for this space. It’s an industrial playground filled with welded metal, mosaics, slinkies, wooden tree branches and even an old abandoned airplane. To try to explain this place to people who haven’t seen it is futile. The only way to really understand this place is to experience it. Definite must-see when you’re in the STL. 


I was a bit of a scaredy-cat and it’s totally understandable. Crawling in a swaying metal slinky suspended 3 stories in the air isn’t the easiest thing to do as a fully grown adult. But that’s the thing about this place... it transports you back to your childhood where you ran and played and launched yourself down slides without a care in the world because you didn’t have a care in the world.


When we’re children it’s so much easier to conquer certain fears and in general many fears don’t even exist yet because you haven’t become jaded. You still look at the universe as benevolent and good. You haven’t allowed heartache and disappointment to overtake your worldview. You’re blissfully unaware or conversely you’re only aware of the brighter side of life.


When you step through the doors of the City Museum, it’s an opportunity to leave all that adult baggage you brought in with you. And if you’re not ready to let it go, don’t worry it’ll be waiting there for you when you exit. This place asks you to trust. It asks you to be brave. It asks you to have courage. If you let go of your fears, you’ll see that it wasn’t that scary to begin with. And when you’re done climbing a 2 story vertical jungle gym, belly crawling through a foot wide opening, and shimming through a grated metal tube that seems to be going at 75 degree incline. At the end you’ll reach a slide that will take you to your love as your body flies downward, fully supported and fully free.