The Beginning My Ayurvedic Journey


August 5, 2015

I realized that this month marks the 20th anniversary of starting my yoga practice. I cannot believe that I've spent over half my life practicing yoga. The timing seems fortuitous to start this next chapter. My life has been drastically improved by practicing yoga and this time of studying Ayurvedic diet and the basic principles of Ayurveda have been eye-opening. It is said that Ayurveda gives us language to what we already know. I couldn't agree with that more. The foods my dosha are supposed to avoid were foods I already knew upset my constitution.

When I began learning about Ayurveda, I kept feeling these "a-ha" moments. Everything made so much sense. I've felt dramatically better since incorporating Ayurvedic therapies, practices and learning into my life. I can't help but share what I've learned because of how profoundly it's affected me. This is what has led me to go down this new path. I'm so excited to share this knowledge with others and offer guidance on improving people's health and lives. I can't tell you how great it's felt to know I'm starting this new journey. There's nothing like taking a leap and feeling like you've fallen into a pool of calm. Thank you to my friends for supporting and encouraging me especially my yoga mom.