Ayurvedic Skincare - Ubtans or Ayurvedic Soap Alternatives

In Ayurveda there are powders called ubtans that are used instead of soap on the skin. We use herbal powders called ubtans that are a mixture of herbs, nut and milk/mylk powders, flour and other gorgeous Ingredients like rose petals. I haven't used soap on my skin for months, just in areas where it's needed underarms, undercarriage, and feet. It's incredible how soft and smooth my skin feels. It seemed weird at first to not lather up my bath poof and suds up all over my skin, but when I made the change from soap to ubtan, I discovered how wonderful my skin would feel.

Another part of my daily routine is to put on oil daily and do mini self-abhyanga. Abhyanga is part of the Ayurvedic body treatments. It is considered an oil therapy but many refer to it as Ayurvedic massage. It is a lovely self-care ritual. It is a way to show self-love. In fact, in Sanskrit the word for oil and love are both sneha.