Ayurvedic Body Type


Ayurvedic Body Type

Each and every one of us is made up of a unique combination of the three dosha of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The makeup of the three dosha will determine what Ayurvedic body type we will have. No one Ayurvedic body type is better than another. You are perfect exactly as you are. Knowing your Ayurvedic body type allows you to not try and reach unattainable goals for your body. Each one of us is beautiful and extraordinary and we must learn to love ourselves as we are. This can be especially hard in our perfectionist society here in the United States. We need to remain vigilant and combat the negative stereotypes and ideals we are bombarded with on a daily basis through social media, television and advertising. Your body is perfect and the only thing we want to focus on with knowing our Ayurvedic body type is to be the healthiest and most balanced possible. This doesn’t mean hours of exercise or extreme deprivation and dieting. This means getting in touch with our bodies and listening to the messages they are sending us. Listen to what you body says after you consume something. Are you feeling positive and pain-free or are you feeling sluggish and aggravated? Learning to listen to our body is the thing we want to strive for in our understanding of our Ayurvedic body type.



  • Height: tall or very short

  • Body Frame: thin, bony, prominent veins and bones

  • Weight: easy to lose weight, hard to gain weight, weight tends to gather around midsection

  • Skin: rough patches, cracking, thin skin, dry skin, skin is cool to the touch

  • Hair: dry, thin, coarse, frizzy, body hair is sparse or overabundant

  • Head: small, thin, long

  • Face: thin, small, long, wrinkled, dull skin

  • Chin: delicate

  • Neck: thin, long

  • Teeth & Gums: small, crooked, receding gums, sensitive to heat and cold, needed braces

  • Eyes: dry, small, nervous, sclera grayish or bluish

  • Eyebrows: small, thin, unsteady

  • Eyelashes: small, dry, firm

  • Nose: thin, small, long, dry, crooked, small nostrils

  • Lips: thin, small, dry, cracked, chapped

  • Ears: thin, bony, irregular in shape, small lobes

  • Shoulders: thin, small, flat, hunched

  • Chest: thin, small, narrow, poorly developed, flat

  • Arms: thin, overly small or long, poorly developed

  • Hands: small, thin, dry, cold, rough, long fingers

  • Thighs: thin, narrow

  • Legs: thin, long or short, prominent knees

  • Calves: small, hard, tight

  • Feet: small, thin, long, dry, rough, long toes

  • Nails: rough, brittle, ridged

  • Joints: stiff, crack easily


  • Height: medium

  • Body Frame: athletic, medium build

  • Weight: easy to lose weight, easy to gain weight, weight tends to deposit evenly

  • Skin: soft, lustrous, warm, medium skin thickness, slightly oily skin, skin is warm to the touch

  • Hair: thin, fine, oily, gray, balding, light body hair with fine texture

  • Head: moderate

  • Face: moderate, sharp contours

  • Chin: moderate

  • Neck: medium

  • Teeth & Gums: yellow, bleeding gum, prone to cavities

  • Eyes: piercing, easily inflamed, sclera reddish or yellow

  • Eyebrows: moderate, fine

  • Eyelashes: small, thin, fine

  • Nose: medium, prone to thread veins

  • Lips: medium, soft, red, tendency towards cold sores and fever blisters

  • Ears: medium in thickness, even in shape, medium lobes

  • Shoulders: medium, proportionate

  • Chest: medium

  • Arms: medium

  • Hands: medium, warm, pink

  • Thighs: medium

  • Legs: medium

  • Calves: loose, soft

  • Feet: medium, soft, pink

  • Nails: soft, pink, pliable

  • Joints: loose, hot, inflamed


  • Height: usually short, but can be tall and large

  • Body Frame: voluptuous, curvy

  • Weight: hard to lose weight, easy to gain weight, weight tends to gather in hips and thighs

  • Skin: tone, ages well, thick skin, moist and oily skin, skin is soft and cool to the touch

  • Hair: thick, oily, wavy, moderate amount of body hair

  • Head: large

  • Face: large, soft contours

  • Chin: large jaw

  • Neck: large, thick

  • Teeth & Gums: large, white, strong, thick gums

  • Eyes: large, white, long lashes, tendency towards eye puffiness

  • Eyebrows: thick, bushy, hairy

  • Eyelashes: large, thick, oily, firm

  • Nose: big, firm, oily, large nostrils

  • Lips: smooth, firm, full, moist

  • Ears: thick, even shaped, large lobes

  • Shoulders: broad, firm

  • Chest: broad, well developed

  • Arms: well developed

  • Hands: large, firm, short squarish fingers

  • Thighs: well developed

  • Legs: well developed

  • Calves: shapely, firm

  • Feet: large, thick, firm, short squarish toes

  • Nails: thick, firm, square

  • Joints: firm, aching, swollen

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