Ayurveda Meditation - My Struggles with Developing a Meditation Practice


September 18, 2016
Urdhva Hastasana. Not a glamorous yoga pose yet when I look at the picture of this pose, I see how truly majestic it can be. The pose requires you to reach towards the stars, the heavens, the vast universe above us.

I've been thinking a lot lately about all the changes I've undergone in the last few years. One of the most important changes has been my dedication to Ayurveda and my attempt at dedication to meditation. I want to be completely honest about my meditation practice which at times like now is very disciplined and at other times is non-existent. I realize though how incredibly beneficial my meditation practice is. It isn't always easy but there is always growth.

My bestie told me one time that when we start doing deep spiritual work, things start coming up that we need to deal with, be it repressed emotions, past memories or thoughts we'd long since forgotten. But because we are meditating and focused on a spiritual path, we are better equipped to deal with unresolved emotions, feelings and memories. A lot has come up for me over this last year and it hasn't always been easy that's for sure but it's always made me feel lighter, more buoyant during the ups and downs of life. I've learned so much about myself, my patterns of behavior, how I deal and relate with stressful situations.

Meditation while being the hardest thing for me to remain dedicated to, is the thing that has helped me grow the most. It's funny how the thing we resist the most is the thing we need the most. I know I'm not alone in this and that there are many of you out there who want to have a regular meditation practice but don't know where to begin, can't motivate yourself to stay committed to your practice or for any number of reasons. 

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