Ayurveda & Self-Care - Marissa Mele of Five Prana on the Radical Self-Care Stories Podcast

I met the incredible Kate of the Radical Self-Care Project via the Instagram yoga community. We both participated in the #MyMudra Instagram yoga challenge. Albeit from opposite sides of the globe. Her from Australia and me from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. We connected on our love for the subtler aspects of yoga. We later hosted an Instagram meditation challenge called the #OneConsciousBreath, which was a weeklong meditation journey where we practiced many different forms of meditation. I was absolutely honored when Kate reached out to me to share my self-care story as well as Ayurvedic tips for self-care. In the episode, I share an overview of Ayurveda, Panchakarma, the 5 Ayurvedic cleansing practices. I also talk more in-depth about the Ayurvedic daily self-care practices of Dinacharya and share a bit about adapting Ayurvedic recipes for a western diet. At the end of the discussion, I share a home play for the listeners to have an experience of one of my favorite Ayurvedic practices- Abhyanga. Enjoy!