Ayurveda Meditation - Interconnectedness of Everything

At first a yogi feels his mindIs tumbling like a waterfall,In mid course like the GangesIt flows on slow and gentle,In the end it is a great vast oceanWhere the lights of Son and Mother merge in One.
— Ram Das in "Be Here Now"

Since returning home from Panchakarma I have rededicated myself to my meditation practice. One of the realizations I've made since following the tenets of Ayurveda is that much of my physical discomfort is a result of mental blocks. My mind has tremendous power over my body and oftentimes I feel helpless and powerless against it. Meditation has helped me to realize that the mind is changeable, adaptable to new thought patterns. That it doesn't have complete power over me. That I can change how I feel physically by paying attention to how I feel mentally. There is something very empowering in that idea and even more than that something freeing in the feeling that I'm not just my body or my mind. I'm a collection, an amalgamation of the sun, moon and stars, the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. I am everything and everything is me.

When I was at the ashram my teacher talked about Prajnaparadha or incorrect belief. In Ayurveda, Prajnaparadha is the cause of disease and cosmic upset in the body, mind and spirit. When we believe in this idea of separateness of everything and everyone around us. My teacher would say that when you look into another person's eyes you are looking at god and that when they look back at you, they are also looking at god. So you are god, I am god, everything and everyone is god. We are all divine. There's something so beautiful in looking at the world in this way. It reminds us of our connection and dissolves the separation between us. Think about how much strife in the world could be abolished just by believing in this idea.