Pitta Dosha Diet


Pitta Dosha

  • Elements: fire & water

  • Taste: sweet, bitter & astringent

  • Qualities: oily, sharp, hot, light, liquid

  • Locations: bellybutton, sweat glands, blood, eyes, skin, intestine, liver, gallbladder, spleen, gray matter of brain

  • Functions: metabolism; digestion, absorption & assimilation; body temperature; appetite; thirst; taste; color and luster of skin, eyes and hair; eyes & visual perception; intelligence; courage; ambition; discrimination and reasoning; sensitivity and reactivity; bravery; transformation; controls digestive and endocrine systems

  • Causes for Provocation: pungent, acidic/sour & salty foods; hot food; spicy foods; alcohol; tobacco; heat & sun exposure; anger; strenuous work; eating before previous meal is digested; summer and late spring


Pitta Dosha Diet

Because Ayurveda treats the whole person and no two people are alike, there isn’t a set prescribed diet for all Pitta dosha people to follow. There are however, some generalized recommendations for Pitta predominate people.

  • Emphasize the tastes of sweet, bitter and astringent

  • Eat cooling foods and drinks like salads, bitter leafy greens, cilantro, coconut milk

  • Drink cooling drinks like coconut water, aloe vera juice and cilantro juice

  • Drink room temperature water

  • Avoid hot and spicy foods like chili peppers and hot spices

  • Avoid pungent foods like garlic and raw onions

  • Avoid sour foods like pickles, lemons, tomatoes and orange juice

  • Avoid fermented foods like vinegar and alcohol

  • Avoid oily foods like deep fried and fried foods as well as peanut butter

  • Favor bitter and astringent vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, green beans, fennel and leafy greens

  • Use ghee as main oil source

  • Favor whole grains like basmati rice, barley, couscous, and wheat (if tolerated)

  • Favor cooling spices and herbs like cilantro, coriander, mint and turmeric

  • Avoid eating while angry, irritable, upset or overheated

  • Eat in a calm environment where you feel supported and cared for

  • Eat a breakfast and eat at regular times each day with the midday meal being the largest

  • Avoid salty foods especially salted nuts

If you are interested in delving deeper into the Pitta Dosha Diet, schedule an Ayurvedic Consultation with us.