Stretch, Strengthen, Soothe. 

Yoga and Ayurveda are called "sister sciences." Ayurvedic educator, Marc Halpern calls Yoga and Ayurveda, "two sides to the same coin." When Ayurveda and Yoga come together, they form a healing union and create a yoga class unlike any you've experienced before. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or have never done yoga before, Ayurvedic Yoga is for every person no matter what age or ability. It doesn't matter how bendy your body is or how strong your muscles are, Five Prana Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy is designed to soothe, nourish and detoxify the mind, body and spirit. Each class is specifically designed to address your unique doshic constitution. These are not "on size fits all" yoga classes. Each class is composed based on your specific health and wellness goals. They are held in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Five Prana Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy classes do not focus exclusively on asana or the physical practice of yoga. Our classes encompass the 8 limbs of yoga so students will experience benefits not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Classes include the following:

  • Asana: yoga postures

  • Pranayama: breathing techniques

  • Pratyahara: withdrawal and control of the senses

  • Dharana: concentration and one-pointed focus

  • Dhyana: meditation

  • Mantra: practice of repeating sacred words

  • Mardana: gentle Ayurvedic acupressure

  • Aromatherapy: calming and soothing scents

It is our mission to provide you with an individualized experience. Each part of the class has been specially designed to soothe and calm your specific imbalances and health concerns. Your Ayurvedic path to wellness starts here.  


Ayurvedic Yoga

The Five Prana Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy classes begin with a mini-consultation* with Marissa Mele, the Five Prana Ayurvedic Health Counselor to discuss your health, your dosha and any areas in your body in need of extra care. A specially design yoga class is created to address your Prakruti, your doshic constitution and your Vikruti, your doshic imbalances. The sequence of poses along with the length of holds will be chosen based your unique needs and constitution. Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy classes are meant to be therapeutic so you will be balancing and healing the body with asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing practices), and meditation. The Five Prana Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Class is created for you based on the 6000 year old knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda and are held in the Asheville, North Carolina area.

* This may be done for private and semi-private yoga classes prior to your appointment and will be conducted over the phone if further clarification is needed after completing your new client paperwork. Prior to the call, you will need to complete and submit the new client paperwork.


Private Yoga Classes
$75 for a 75 minute class
$90 for a 90 minute class

Semi-Private Yoga Classes
(Up to 2 people)
$100 for a 75 minute class
$115 for a 90 minute class

Group Yoga Classes
(Up to 6 people)
$130 for a 75 minute class
$155 for a 90 minute class


He has no disease, nor old age, nor death, who has attained a body born of the fire of Yoga.
— Shvetasvatara Upanishad II.12



Care for your mind, body and spirit.

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