Taste, Tantalize, Tonify. 

The Ayurvedic diet is the cornerstone of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda believes that "food is medicine," and that foods have the power to heal. The Five Prana Ayurvedic Cooking classes are designed to help you explore the tools, supplies and ingredients necessary to start cooking Ayurvedic food at home. Each class will begin with a discussion of the practical application of setting up an Ayurvedic pantry in your home kitchen with a focus on the the exotic spices used in Ayurvedic cooking. In fact, in Ayurvedic households the spice cabinet is considered the Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

The cooking class features a hands-on approach where you will learn how to cook a well-balanced Ayurvedic meal at home that is both nourishing and tasty! You will learn basic techniques that can be applied to a variety of different ingredients. This will allow you to create a variety of different recipes featuring similar spice blends and marinades with different proteins, vegetables and grains. Classes can be tailored to any dietary restriction so whether you are vegan, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant or anything in-between, the Ayurvedic diet can be adapted to meet any of your specific dietary needs. One question that is asked a lot, is if you need to be a vegetarian in order to begin eating an Ayurvedic diet. The answer is "no." While a vegetarian diet is often encouraged in Ayurveda, it isn't required. Ayurveda and Yoga have the shared belief of ahimsa meaning "non-violence" or "non-harming." This belief extends to all living things so many yogis choose to not eat animals so that they can more deeply practice ahimsa. Diet and what we eat is a personal choice and that is a choice that must be made on an individual level. At Five Prana, we are not here to pass judgement upon any of our clients for any reason let alone for their dietary choices. We are here to help support you on your path to wellness. Our cooking classes are designed for YOU! Whatever your dietary needs or personal taste preferences. 

The Five Prana Ayurvedic Cooking Classes are held at your home kitchen in the Asheville, North Carolina area so that you can easily replicate the recipes. We want our classes to be as enriching and informative as possible and above all as accessible and attainable for you to be able to cook these dishes regularly at home.  Classes include the following:

  • Setting Up Your Ayurvedic Pantry: spices, beans, grains, flours, nuts, oils, sweeteners, teas, etc.

  • Marinades & Spice Blends: blends for your specific dosha to be used across a variety of ingredients

  • 3 Savory Dishes: learn how to make 3 savory dishes and adaptations of recipes for your dosha

  • 1 Sweet Dish: learn how to make 1 dessert that is balancing to your dosha

  • Aperitief: learn how to stoke agni or the digestive fire prior to eating to help with digestion, absorption and assimilation

  • Mantra & Energetics: learn practice of repeating mantra or sacred words when cooking to add healing energy to your food

It is our mission to provide you with an individualized experience. Each part of the class has been specially designed for your unique doshic constitution and doshic imbalances. Your Ayurvedic path to wellness starts here.  


Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

The Five Prana Ayurvedic Cooking classes and the Ayurvedic Kitchen Assessments & Revitalizations begin with a mini-consultation* with Marissa Mele, the Five Prana Ayurvedic Health Counselor to discuss your health, your dosha and any areas in your body in need of extra care. A specially design cooking class or kitchen assessment & revitalization is created to address your Prakruti, your doshic constitution and your Vikruti, your doshic imbalances in Asheville, North Carolina. You will learn easy-to-follow recipes to make cooking Ayurvedic food at home accessible. Your fee also includes a copy of the Five Prana Ayurvedic Cookbook ($15 value) along with print outs of the recipes that were created during your cooking lesson.

* This may be done for private and semi-private cooking classes as well as kitchen assessments & revitalizations prior to your appointment and will be conducted over the phone if further clarification is needed after completing the new client paperwork. Prior to the call, you will need to complete and submit the new client paperwork. For group cooking classes, we will make tridoshic meals (good for all doshas) and discuss adaptations for each dosha, i.e. which ingredients to add or leave off based on your doshic imbalances.


Private Cooking Classes
$250 for a 3 hour class
(plus cost of food)

Semi-Private Cooking Classes
(Up to 3 people)
$325 for a 3 hour class
(plus cost of food)

Group Cooking Classes
(Up to 10 people)
$450 for a 3 hour class
(plus cost of food)

Ayurvedic Guided Grocery Shopping
$100 for 60 minutes
This includes a 60 minute shopping trip at a health-conscious grocery store in Asheville, NC where you will learn which staple foods to buy for your pantry as well as which seasonally-appropriate fresh foods to purchase. Your Ayurvedic Guided Grocery Shopping trip includes a Five Prana Cookbook ($15 value), seasonal grocery lists, as well as a list of pantry, kitchen and cookware staples to incorporate into your home cooking routine.

Ayurvedic Kitchen Assessment & Revitalization
$600 for a 3 hour session
This includes a 3 hour home kitchen assessment and revitalization to incorporate Ayurvedic cooking into your home kitchen. Your Ayurvedic Kitchen Assessment and Revitalization includes a Five Prana Cookbook ($15 value), seasonal grocery lists, as well as a grocery bag full of Ayurvedic spices, grains, lentils and dosha-appropriate cooking oils, flours, teas and sweeteners ($250 value). Together we will make a jar of ghee ($12 value), jars of dosha-specific spice blend ($24 value), and a batch of kitchari ($20 value).

And he knew that food was Brahman.
From food all beings are born,
by food they live and into food they return.
— Taiitiriya Upanishad 3.2



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