Harmony, Holistic, Heartfelt

Ayurveda teaches us that each of us has our own innate healing power. Learn the tools and techniques of Ayurveda to help bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit. We are only your guide. The power lies within you.

When you come for your initial appointment in Asheville, North Carolina, Darshana, the visual assessment will be conducted along with Sparshana, the touch and skin assessment. Marissa Mele, the Five Prana Ayurvedic Health Counselor will then conduct the Ashtavidha Pariskha or the 8 part Ayurvedic dosha assessment (Prakruti) which includes Nadi Pariskha (pulse diagnosis) and Jivha Pariskha (tongue diagnosis). Afterwards the Dasha Vidha Pariskha or the 10 part assessment will be used to determine your doshic imbalances (Vikruti). We will then create a personalized packet of recommendations that we will present to you at your second appointment. This packet will provide you with guidance and suggestions to assist you on your path to wellness.

The Five Prana Ayurvedic Consultations are not "one size fits all." They are personalized to meet your individual needs and wellness goals. It is our mission to provide you with a personalized experience. Schedule an Ayurvedic consultation today.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Your Ayurvedic Consultation begins with an "initial discussion" appointment lasting 60 to 90 minutes with Marissa Mele, the Five Prana Ayurvedic Health Counselor and is followed up a week later by a 1 hour appointment to discuss your results and recommendations. These appointments are conducted virtually or in Asheville, North Carolina. At the initial consultation, all necessary health history information will be gathered to determine your dosha. A week after the initial consultation, you will meet again with your Ayurvedic Health Counselor where you will be presented with your "report of findings". The "report of findings" is a packet of information with individualized recommendations based your unique dosha and doshic imbalances. You will receive recommendations on diet, lifestyle, meditation and pranayama (breathing) practices, yoga and exercise plans, alternative therapies like color, gem, sound and aromatherapy, as well as skin and hair care suggestions. Specific Ayurvedic Body Treatments may also be recommended along with duration and sequence of treatments. 


Ayurvedic Consultation
$175 for 2 appointments
"Initial Discussion" is 60-90 minutes
"Report of Findings" is 60 minutes

Follow-Up Appointments
$75 for a 60 minute appointment
These follow-up appointments are for anyone who has already completed an Ayurvedic Consultation.

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching
Packages for Existing Clients
$425 for 3 months of Wellness Coaching
$800 for 6 months of Wellness Coaching
Packages for New Clients
$550 for an Ayurvedic Consultation + 3 months of Wellness Coaching
$900 for an Ayurvedic Consultation + 6 months of Wellness Coaching

Ayurvedic Consultations are conducted over the phone/virtually or in the Asheville, North Carolina area.



Knowledge without judgement.

“Marissa offers a conversation about health and wellness so rarely approached with such warmth and her willingness to share knowledge without judgement provided a truly wonderful platform for our dialogue that left me comfortable and confident. I am excited to begin this journey with her and to discover the ways that Ayurveda might offer me tools for balanced living.”

— G. H.

It was a full experience.

“I really resonate with the entire flow of the treatment. It felt like there was a lot of time to really evaluate my conditions and needs. There was space to talk and I didn't feel rushed in any way. It was a full experience...It put me in the mental/heart space of healing and nurturing myself.”

—D. P.

Took time to answer my questions.

“She was very informative and took time to answer all my questions. She created a very calming and welcoming space.”

— L. W.

Creates a safe space for exploration

Marissa helped me to learn so much about my body, mind and spirit through Ayurveda. I met her a few years ago for a workshop where she taught us how to make ghee, golden milk and much more. She makes this knowledge personal and accessible through her sweet demeanor and thoughtful responses. She creates a safe space for exploration. I’ve had a consultation with her to figure out my dosha and she supplied me with a wealth of knowledge including yoga poses, affirmations, essential oil blends and Ayurvedic insights that have helped me tremendously on my path of wellness that I incorporate into my daily life. I also enjoyed an abhyanga massage that was incredible and included a tea blend and playlist just for me. I’m so happy she can offer all of these amazing services and Cleveland misses her dearly. ❤️

—J. Y.

I felt very comfortable and informed

I felt very comfortable and informed during and after my Ayurvedic consultation with Marissa. She is a wonderful listener and very thoughtful. I definitely would recommend her to everyone! I also enjoy her detox tea and body products! Especially the Saffron Eye Ghee!!

—E. H.

She truly holds the space for healing

“Marissa Mele is an amazing practitioner and teacher of Ayurveda. She truly holds the space for healing, and has a willingness to support and teach her clients. I have seen her for my 2 consultations, and learned much about myself and my growing transition out of early motherhood to a more mature body that needs to support my small family. She addressed my issues, and gave me some fabulous products, including a signature tea for me that I now drink as a part of my morning routine, and love it! ”

—J. L.

The silence you experience between each thought is your own fullness, the same fullness that is pure consciousness.
— Swami Dayananda Saraswati


Your path to wellness is waiting.

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